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7 Beauty Hacks To Make Your Face Glow This Festive Season

Face Glow This Festive Season

Holiday seasons are always about love, family, gift giving, good food and counting our blessings. And while we appreciate everything spiritual about this period of the year, we can’t help but love the gorgeous surface of things – phenomenal decorations, our grandma’s cake hand-made ornaments, that lovely
dress your sister’s bought especially for Christmas lunch and – our glowing appearances and makeup.

The truth is, when we’re happy, makeup is almost unnecessary. Our whole body goes into the state of ecstasy and radiates a happy glow that’s practically contagious. Unfortunately, this glow doesn’t permanently solve the redness caused by the cold weather or paints our lips deep cherry. But, the good news is we’ve got makeup to do just that and uplift our already attractive little faces.

To look your best all throughout the holiday season, we’re giving you top seven beauty hacks that will keep your face looking fresh, remove winter dullness and help you express your inner joy and excitement for the upcoming events with just a tad of glitter!

Here we go.

1. Treat Yourself To A Facial

Whether you are doing it at home or in a salon, a facial is every bit as powerful as the deepest cleansing massage. The trick we’ve picked up from some of the best facialists is to use a microfiber cloth to massage cleanser into each section of your face; then, to release tension, use little downward strokes and your skin will instantly look brighter and more energized.

Face Glow This Festive Season

2. Mix It Up

For a dewy look, dip your foundation-covered brush in a few drops of facial oil. After you see the brush is soaked enough, buff the mixture into the skin. The point of this technique is to trick a naked eye that you have any makeup on. It always looks incredibly fresh and rested!

3. Trust Your Balm To Shine

Whenever you are feeling tired or dried out, no matter how happy you are about that family dinner (yes, we all understand deadlines and highly neurotic bosses), apply some lip balm along your cheekbones and brow bones in a half-moon shape. That way you will get the necessary boost of moisture, and your face will glow a very pleasant shine (not the oily kind) when it hits the lights. Just make sure you use a balm (lip butter), not a standard chopstick that easily gets sticky.

4. Love Your Makeup Sponge

When your makeup starts looking dry or creasy, spritz on a facial mist; then, use a makeup sponge to pat more moisture into the skin and smooth the creases. It’s that easy!

Face Glow This Festive Season

5. Primer? Hm, Maybe

What we’ve discovered to work correctly when we’re talking primers is – using a highlighter instead! With its slight hint of shimmer, it will give the face its necessary glow. To apply it best, just lightly press your palms along the cheekbones and jawline, and that should do it. As most makeup artists observe, “people make the mistake of putting illuminating powders or creams all over, but that will make you look like a disco ball. Well, we don’t have THAT in mind when we say “festive,” do we?

6. Substitute Concealer For highlight
When your eyes are feeling heavy, and your eyelids simply won’t cooperate, give them a quick fix by mixing moisturizer with a concealer; make sure the concealer is a little paler than your skin tone for a really natural-looking glow. However, if you feel it’s time you give yourself a more permanent eyelid boost, it’s the last minute to opt for blepharoplasty as the healthiest and safest option. With the hint of eye makeup, you’ll have a perfect holiday look.

Extra tip: apply your highlighter with a concealer brush to your browbones, forehead, chin, under eyes and the bridge of your nose to make your face perfectly contoured.

Face Glow This Festive Season

7. Mist Over

We love powder! It’s the best thing for setting our makeup, but the downside is that it can ruin our glow in the process. To “erase” the "matte" after your added powder, spritz your face with rose water and then gently press your hands over your face. The warmth of your hands will keep powder from ruining the glow and set the makeup at the same time. The fact it’s holiday season doesn’t mean going festive on your face; keep the base neutral so you can upgrade it with red lipstick or swipes of rosy blush for effect. And, most importantly – keep that happy glow intact!

We hope you enjoy this holiday season.

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Guest blog post by Zara Lewis

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