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New Year's Resolutions Of A Beauty Addict

Beauty Addict

The luster of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power is sometimes so vast that it often feels like it can move mountains. Beauty in itself is forever inspiring and awe-striking, and the ladies carrying its throne know it – all from the beautiful Helen of Troy over to seductive
Marilyn Monroe, to the stunning Monica Bellucci (and other modern-day divas), beauty has endlessly been holding the key to doors many of us only dream to open.

With this in mind, let us together hold judgment for a second and support our gorgeous beauty addicts on their mission to get to BeautyVille very fast. In fact, let’s support them so eagerly that we’ll even suggest things they should improve to become the best version of themselves.

So dear beauty addicts (I’m one of you) here’s a list of few glittery suggestions to kick start your New Year in grand fashion:

Commit to a regimen and a product

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Trying to find the most suitable regimen many beauty obsessed gals wander through a series of the industry suggested products and treatments that, in the end, do more damage than good. The result? A blotchy irritated skin that looks drab and dull is not what we’re after ever! In 2017, make a promise to yourself that you’ll stick with that one product that does your skin good, making it radiant with health and purity. Keep your gorgeous manicure away from all the latest “the best product you’ll ever use” products! You’ve been naïve long enough, darling. If, at a point, you feel it’s time for a change – consult with your dermatologist.

Improve your smile

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No matter how perfected your contouring is and regardless of the brand (and price tag) of your makeup products, your beautiful little face can’t ever be as lovely (as it deserves to be) unless your smile matches the effort put into making yourself look stunning. If you’ve been struggling with crooked teeth, yellowish color or unevenness of your teeth bones, it’s time you did something about it!

On reviving the work of the best cosmetic dentist from Sydney, we’ve concluded that Invisalign braces may be the best bet for all the ladies (and gents) experiencing teeth troubles. Make it your business to do a little digging on this matter and get the best info possible. Also, if your teeth are in good shape but they would use a brush of a lighter shade, treat them to a whitening. This procedure is not at all expensive, and it’s upping your teeth game massively.

Hey, make sure you pay regular visits to your dentists all throughout 2017 and after, ok?

Invest in your mental health

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What’s mental health got to do with your beauty, you ask? Well, darling – everything. Unless you are feeling good on the inside, it won’t be reflected on the outside either, no matter how expensive your makeup pallet is; In 2017 make a commitment to establishing a harmony between your mind and emotions. Do yoga, turn to sports that are every bit relaxing as they are good for your figure (running, spinning, swimming, boxing, etc.) Take occasional consultations with a therapist and just talk about stuff bothering you.

Happiness and serenity are the best makeup in the world, and this is your chance to make them your personal trademark.

Book appointments

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No matter how obsessed you are with all things beautiful, you’ve probably been skipping your beauty appointments more than not; we get it, the world we live in is so hectic that it sometimes feels like we’re barely finding the time to breathe, let alone have a massage.

Well, stop this! In 2017, make sure you put yourself first and indulge your beauty routines. Go pampering every month, be a regular at the salon every week, don’t skip your mani-pedis or your relax massages. You don’t want to spend another year not loving yourself that way you should.

Think green

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While it may be tempting to grab all the (supposedly) high-quality products in all the major beauty parlors, try to commit to going green in all segments of your life habits, food, and makeup. Organic and mineral makeup are the best things you can do to your skin and, as a beauty addict you are, you understand how important it is to have the best of the best, right?

Enjoy your 2017 and bring your Beauty Queen game to an even higher level than it already holds!

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