Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tips for Better Skin Health and Preservation

anti aging skincare tips

Better skin health is important, after all, it is the largest organ in the body. So, how do you care for it? Well, these tips are going to help you do just that.

1. Hydrate as if Your Skin Depended on It. It Does

Water is an essential element of every bodily function and the improved health of every body part. It is vital for breaking down the nutrients in our food and transporting these nutrients to the places they can do the most good. Water also improves the fluidity of the blood circulation, and this carries oxygen, hormones, enzymes and all other significant benefits to the skin and more.

Drinking lots of water is essential to maintaining the moisture and elasticity of the skin. Plenty of water intake also allows the body to release toxins that will otherwise be eliminated through the pores of the body. In other words with lots of water, toxins go to the toilet, with no water they go to the skin. Sunken eyes and dark circles are also more prominent in persons who are not well hydrated.

2. Don’t Touch!

We have all heard Ma saying it a thousand times, “stop picking, or it will become an ugly mark!” well, she was right, much like a friendly stray dog the more you play and interact with the Spot the longer they will stay and the more attention they will attract. The longer you ignore the issue on your skin, the faster it will heal, and the sooner you can get on with your blemish free life.

This can be especially difficult for those suffering from psoriasis, acne or chronic eczema. There are a thousand different reasons for a dry spot or an itchy patch, but there are just as many reasons to leave it alone and ignore the impulse and let nature take her course.

When you pick and touch at acne or other skin blemishes the results can be as bad as spreading the condition and even worse when you consider the possibility of infection and scarring. Even though you may assume you are helping the condition, you probably aren’t. Keep your fingers away from your face, just like Ma said.

3. Clean Your Phone 

Neglecting phone hygiene is one of the biggest problem facing today’s generation. Mobile phones have been found to contain all manner of germs, bacteria and even fecal matter which is an inch away from the face for a large part of the day. Clean your phone frequently and avoid serious skin disease.

Here is an all-natural cleaning solution that you can make in the comfort of your home and keep your face and skin safe. Mix a 50/50 solution of purified water and vinegar. Throw citrus peels into the mix (lemon, lime, and grapefruit, orange), a couple sprigs of thyme, cloves, and star anise as well and let this mixture sit for a few weeks.

Once it is ready, turn off your phone once a day, spray a bit into your microfiber cloth and clean your phone thoroughly.

4. Give Yourself a Facial

Properly cleaning the face is an important way to have clearer, healthier skin the next day and for the rest of your life. This helps to rid your skin of the impurities that have accumulated during the day and also take off any traces of makeup which can also lead to dull obstructed skin.

Taking the few extra minutes to give yourself a soothing facial massage will also leave your skin looking brighter and more radiant. This is because a regular massage will allow you to stimulate the blood's circulation and increase the collagen production in the epidermis. This will produce that healthy glow that is so attractive in healthy skin.

If you have severe acne, then you may need a particular acne product to help and clean it. There are a lot of products out there, but these acne treatment reviews are there to help and set the record straight on what is good and what isn’t.

Once you have cleansed your face and taken off all your makeup, begin the massage by washing the hands. Apply a small amount of cold-pressed oil, JoJoba or Pumpkin Oils works the best for me. Start with the lymph area, massage this with your fingertips in small circles for a full minute. Move your fingers to your ears and down the sides of your throats. 

Continuing in these circular patterns proceed to the cheeks, corners of the nose and cheekbones. By massaging in an “up and out” motion, you will prevent skin and muscles from sagging out later in life.  Continue the “up and out” motion over your forehead for a full minute, begin near your temples and slowly work to the center of the forehead, return and repeat.

To address puffy eyes, complete the treatment with a proper eye massage. With your fingers at your brows sweep them along the outside corners of your eyes and along the nose and back, do this a few times for at least a full minute.

5. Get Some Shut Eye

When you are sleeping your body is repairing itself, regulating hormones and detoxifying all of which are an important process to improving the beauty of your skin. To maximize your beauty rest, be sure to get to bed by 10 pm


  1. The biggest problem i has is touching my face all time whenever i'm doing nothing. As i am thinking something i keep touching my face. From now i will keep that in mind.

    1. Don't worry, I find my self doing the same sometimes. It's a bad habit i'm trying to break lol.