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Thavma Therapy By Juliette Armand - Not Magic But Pretty Close!

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Do you love your skin? We love it even more! The well-renowned Juliette Armand brand has developed a product that will change your skin and your skin care regimen like no other! 

Juliette Armand’s brand new break-through skin booster serum is a miracle find for those in search of a nourishing new non-surgical facial solution!

As we all know, botox has taken the world by storm in recent years, but most people are hesitant about undergoing the needle-point treatment, with good reason! So naturally, it comes as great news to know that there is a much better solution that gives the same results as Botox with just the simple application of a new facial cream! This is a revolution in skincare and is the way to go regarding reeling in the years on an aging skin tone.

 What do you need to know the next time you walk in for your skin-boosting, Thavma Anti-Wrinkle Therapy? 

Well, the Thavma Anti-Wrinkle Therapy utilizes cutting-edge Effectox technology which inhibits the formation of expression lines and wrinkles. This potent blend of peptides and new generation active ingredients works by blocking the release of neurotransmitters (the messengers that cause muscles to contract and relax) resulting in significantly fewer facial muscle contractions.

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In a nutshell, Thavma works by slowing down the contraction of facial muscles, unlike anti-wrinkle injections that freeze the muscle. Used as the focal ingredient of a professional salon facial treatment, the advanced Thavma ‘miracle’ therapy will smooth out your existing fine lines while also helping to prevent the development of future expression lines. What’s more is that it also offers significant protection from the two main types of skin aging: biological aging due to time, and photoaging due to sun damage.

 Besides perking up your skin in appearance, the Thavma facial treatment evens out skin tone, fades away blemishes and provides deep hydration that stimulates skin cell renewal. Overall, you’ll see your skin looking refreshed, invigorated and feeling incredible. The Juliette Armand strapline goes; “No Needles, Just Results” and we reckon that’s a very accurate depiction of this process!

There are four skin-nourishing steps to the Thavma facial treatment from Juliette Armand

1. The Facial Peel allows for improved penetration of other ingredients and helps improve skin tone, texture, and hydration.

2. A Lower and Upper Face Mask is applied for hydrating and plumping, and also for firming and lifting.

3. The Thavma Serum slows down the contractions of your facial muscles responsible for expression lines. Moisturising and firming, the serum helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles. It also targets those nasty dark circles around the eye area and prevents the loss of elasticity.

4. The Chronos wrinkle filler is applied to fine lines to reduce the depth of the wrinkle.

This spot treatment contains a unique anti-ageing complex and hyaluronic acid causing the visible filling and plumping of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases. This is then followed by the application of the Thavma Lift Anti-Wrinkle Cream which moisturizes the skin, leaving it tight and treating expression lines and wrinkles, giving you glowing skin instantly. 

Do you want to protect your skin and prevent it from premature aging? Do you want to get rid of fine lines, unpleasant wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity, photo aging, and blemishes? Thavma Anti-Wrinkle Therapy offers the solution. With just one treatment, the general appearance of your skin will significantly improve leaving your skin looking smoother and firm.

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What makes this even more of a treat you should not be missing, is that there is no downtime and the treatment is pain-free. And needle free! Thavmas Anti-Wrinkle Facial will leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to own that glow!

You can check out Thavma Therapy and the full range of advanced skincare treatments from Juliette Armand at 


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