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Benefits Of Using Peppermint Oil For Hair

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When it comes to the care of our hair, skin, and body, there is no better way that I would advise than for you to go for natural treatments. Of the various ones out there, oils are in extensive use, and the peppermint oil has to be the most common of the bunch. Well, that is lumping it in the same group with lavender – an equally important natural oil.

Some of the benefits of using peppermint oil for your hair include

    •    Improvement of your Basic Shampoo
Peppermint has been known to be an excellent stimulant, and it takes the game to the next level by helping to stimulate the scalp too. Naturally, peppermint oil comes with a natural antiseptic which eliminates infections such as lice and dandruff from the hair. Adding 2 – 3 drops of your natural peppermint to your shampoo or conditioner mixture would get the job done for you.

    •    Hair Growth Formula
The fact that peppermint oil is an integral part of most top hair products is not a coincidence in the least. It has been proven to, over time, help in the thickening and nourishment of damaged hair. Likewise, peppermint oil would increase the blood flow to the area that you apply the oil.
In this case, the scalp would be able to heal itself in the places where it has been losing hair and regenerate the lost ones.

Adding the oil to your regular hair care products would also help prevent the constant thinning of air, giving your head a bit more of lush, and your hair, some more color.

    •    Hair Hydration
Mix the peppermint with any favorite carrier oil of your choice (olive oil or almond oil) and generously apply the mixture to your scalp. Cover the hair with a scarf (or hair cap) and wait for about 30 minutes before you wash it off.

If you are not a fan of the carrier oils listed above, note that the peppermint oil would still work in combination with other types of oils too. Due to the moisturizing properties that it possesses, you would be ensured a well-hydrated scalp which would inadvertently prevent breaking and thinning of hair.

    •    Dry Scalp? Oily Scalp? Meet Normal!
The single most significant thing about this organic oil is the fact that it can work with any hair. Be it oily or dry; peppermint oil would always bring the best out of such hair. Due to the astringent properties of the oil, secretion of sebum is normalized to a natural level, giving the scalp a cooling effect in the aftermath. For those that have dry hair instead, the moisturizing properties of peppermint oil cannot be overstressed here.

    •    Insect Repellent
If you are having problems with insects hovering around you, peppermint oil has the solution. Apply the oil on your hair generously and leave for about 24 hours before washing it off. Repeat this process at least, thrice every week. Note that if you have sensitive skin, or are easily irritated by peppermint oil, you could use olive oil as a carrier for it.

    •    Cure for Hair Infection
Peppermint oils antibacterial properties has been subtly mentioned all through, but still, deserves a section on its own. Peppermint oil comes with a naturally balanced dose of menthol which eliminates the bacteria and fungus in the hair. Thus, there is the reduced case of hair infections such as itching scalps, lice attack, and the likes.

This list is non-exhaustive as peppermint oil still has a lot of great benefit for hair and skin. The best thing about this solution? It’s all organic, so you have nothing to worry about using the oil.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this post! I will definitely give it a try xx

  2. I never knew it was great for all these things! I really must give it a try asap! Thanks girl!

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    1. You are welcome Stacey. Thank you for reading.


  3. Interesting, I don't suffer from any of these in particular. I do have an annoying itchy scalp though so maybe this will help, thanks for sharing. Always on the lookout for hair heroes xx

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    1. Hi Kiran,
      For Itchy scalp, Peppermint oil will definitely help with the problem.
      Thanks for reading.


  4. Is it 2-3 drops everytime you shampoo or 2-3 drops in the bottle of shampoo? thanks.

  5. Is it 2-3 drops everytime you shampoo or 2-3 drops in the bottle of shampoo? Thanks.