Friday, December 15, 2017

Best Oils For Skincare Part 2

skin oil for face

1. Tea Tree Oil: 

  1.  If you have acne prone skin, but you can not tolerate Benzoyl peroxide, a much milder acne product to use is tea tree oil.
  2.  Treat Psoriasis with tea tree oil.
  3.  Tea tree oil treats Eczema.
  4.  Test tree oil will help strengthen your nails. 
  5.  If you have cellulitis, tea tree oil will help manage your cellulite.

** Best carrier oils for tea tree oils are coconut oil, olive oil, Jojoba oil.

2. Argan oil: 

  1.  Argan oil is a fantastic skin moisturizer.
  2.  Argan oil has anti-aging properties.
  3.  If you have dry skin, Argan oil will keep your skin smooth and soft.
  4.  Argan oil will provide good moisturizer for someone with oily skin, therefore protecting your skin if you have acne.
  5.  Argan oil reduces inflammation on the skin.
  6.  Argan oil is excellent for reducing stretch marks.
  7.  Use Argan oil to moisturize your lips

3. Marula Oil: 

  1.  Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with pure Marula Oil.
  2.  Improve elasticity in the skin for a more youthful appearance with Marula Oil.
  3.  It contains vitamin e that help promote the production of collagen.
  4.  Antioxidants in marula Oil help the skin get rid of free radicals that cause premature aging.
  5.  Marula Oil is very lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin. It also helps if you have acne scars, it reduces the acne scars.

4. Chamomile Oil: 

  1.  Add a few drops of chamomile Oil to your facial cleanser. It is a natural cleanser plus you will enjoy it's calming properties on the skin.
  2.  This oil soothes inflammation.
  3.  This oil has antibacterial properties. You can use it if you have acne prone skin.
  4.  Chamomile oil will help tone and tighten your skin.
  5.  It helps soothes sunburned skin.

5. Lavender Oil: 

  1.  Rub lavender oil on your wrist, feet, temples to improve blood circulation.
  2.  Rub lavender oil on a burn or cut on help heal faster.
  3.  Lavender oil helps to treat acne.
  4.  Add some lavender Oil to your bath for a detox bath.

6. Olive Oil: 

  1.  Oil cancels out oil. Use olive oil as a pre-makeup cleanser followed by your usual makeup cleanser. 
  2.  Olive Oil helps soften your nail cuticle.
  3.  Olive oil is a fantastic body moisturizer.
  4.  Olive oil has antioxidant properties that help fight aging.

Do you use oils for you skin?
What is your favorite skin oil?

I love using Argan Oil for my skin. 



  1. I like Argan oil, unfortunately for my chapped lips it didn't do anything. However, shea butter and beeswax helped a lot!

    x Mariya

  2. So many oils I haven't previously considered! Love the sound of argan oil, and I love to mix olive oil with sugar as a quick DIY lip scrub, great post. So helpful xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Hi Kiran,

      Olive oil with sugar sounds amazing! Thanks for the tip.


  3. I use tea tree oil every day ! It does work miracles.

    1. Hi Konstantina,

      Thanks for reading, doll.