Monday, June 18, 2018

July 4th Nail Art Designs

nail designs pictures

July 4th is independence day, and what fun way to show your patriotism by showing it through your nail designs. You know your hands are going to be at the center of attention with all the food and snacks we are going to enjoy. What an excellent way to start a conversation which might go something like this -

Friend: Wow, cute nails!
You: Aww, thanks.
Friend: Where did you get your nails done?

And so on and so forth...

Here are are some designs to inspire you.

nail designs for short nails

nail design ideas

nail designs easy

nail designs 2018

nail design with glitter

easy nail are designs

how do nail designs at home

do yourself nail design ideas

how to do nail designs step by step

nail design for short nails

Images from Pinterest

What are you doing for July 4th?


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