Thursday, June 28, 2018

Tips On How To Get Glowing Skin

get glowing skin

1. Exfoliate: The number one tip for how to get glowing skin is to exfoliate your skin religiously. In simple terms, exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. When you don't exfoliate regularly, dead skin, dirt, and oil get trapped in the skin, making the skin appear dull and tired. Exfoliating gets rid of all the gunk on the skin; it also allows products to penetrate quickly into the skin for optimal absorption and to get the full benefits of the products you are using. Exfoliate your skin for brighter and glowing skin, skin detoxification, an increase in blood circulation, prevention of acne, and younger looking skin.

2. Use Vitamin C: Vitamin C is essential if you are looking for that even toned, and
glowing skin. Its antioxidant properties help to get rid of the free radicals that are caused by both human and environmental factors. Free-radicals causes the skin to age rapidly. Ingest Vitamin C or apply it topically in the forms of creams or serums. Look for foods for glowing skin; fruits or vegetables that have high vitamin c content such as strawberry, kiwi fruit, broccoli or red bell peppers.

Here is an Easy face mask for glowing skin:

1/2 of cut Lemon
Two teaspoon Honey
Squeeze out lemon juice into a bowl, mix with honey. Apply glowing skin mask to clean face. Leave on your face for about 20 minutes. Rinse and pat dry with a clean towel. Apply moisturizer.

3. Do A Detox: Do a detox and flush your body of harmful toxins.
- Drink warm lemon water each day.
- Cut out sugar and alcohol for a few days.
- Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.
- limit salty snacks.

4. Green Tea Ice Cubes: Green Tea is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants can help our skin combat the harmful side effects of free-radicals such as rapid skin aging and wrinkles. Pour freshly steeped green tea into ice trays and freeze them. Once frozen, you can massage your face with the green tea ice cube for a naturally glowing skin.

5. Sleep: Last but most importantly get lots and lots of sleep. A good night's sleep is tantamount to having a glowing complexion. Getting 8 or more hours of sleep helps to boost blood to the skin. Skimping on sleep will make your skin look drab, exhausted, and lifeless no matter how much makeup you put on. The reason your skin looks dull without adequate rest is that sleep deprivation causes a decrease in blood flow to the skin surrounding your face.