Friday, July 20, 2018

How To Determine Your Skin Type (Plus Products)

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Hello, lovelies, knowing our skin type is important because it helps us to know the best skincare product to use to keep our skin functioning at its best. Using facial products for dry skin on an oily skin will be counterproductive. This post will help you determine your skin type and it will help you to choose better skincare products to use.

Let's determine the best way to know our skin type. 

First of all, wash all products and makeup from your face and pat your skin dry. Leave your face alone and do not apply any product to your skin. Let your skin be free and bare for a couple of hours. It's great to let the skin breath every once in a while. After a couple of hours, use a blotting tissue to blot different parts of your face. Look at the blotting paper to determine which part of your face is oily. (if any)

Remember, part of the face such as the nose and forehead is naturally oily.

Get To Know Your Skin

1. Normal Skin: With Normal skin, your skin is neither dry nor oily. You have very few discolorations, your skin mostly blemishes free. Your skin appears very smooth and clear. Your pores are barely visible.

2. Oily Skin: Your skin has a shiny appearance, your pores are enlarged, your skin is prone to acne /blemishes. An after effect of acne is hyperpigmentation. For Oily skin, wrinkles and lines appear far later on the skin than normal.

3. Dry Skin: Dry skin is prone to flakes and dry patches on the skin. Your skin has a tight appearance with small pores. Most of the time, the skin looks dull and lackluster. Wrinkles and lines develop more easily.

4. Sensitive Skin: Skin appears blotchy, and is easily irritated. Your skin is prone to rashes and redness. Capillaries are easily broken. The skin may burn or itch with the use of certain products.

5. Combination Skin: Areas around the chin, forehead, nose may be oily. Areas around the eyes and hairline are often dry. The skin is prone to black head and you have large pores.

What is your skin type and what products help to keep your skin in check?



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