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Amazource® Skincare – Skincare with a Purpose! Help Save the Rainforest

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As a beauty blogger, I am always searching for skincare brands that may not be on the shelves at your local drugstore or department store. My search brought me to this incredible company, Amazource® Skincare.

The Amazource® Skincare team has developed some of the best products on the market with countless positive reviews.  Amazource® skincare is made with premium components and offered at affordable prices. But most importantly, this Skincare company is also helping our planet.  Each purchase helps save the Amazon rainforest.

Their team is on the ground, learning from Amazon communities firsthand about the specific properties of unique, trusted ingredients that deliver a higher nourishing effect on the skin.  Their skincare line is cruelty-free and paraben-free.

I wanted to learn more about the skincare and their mission with a Q and A.

Please share your best-selling products from your skincare line? 

The bestselling is Amazon Mist facial spray. This is the same water that has sustained the Amazonia for thousands of years. In fact, it is sourced from the tiny water droplets suspended in the air and mist in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. It refreshes, cleanses and moisturizes any type of skin; and it also works as a natural makeup remover. 100% natural contains no chemicals, paraben free and cruelty-free. Besides that, this is the only facial water originated from a renewable source because we don't drain aquifers as mineral waters do!

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We can also mention our Mocha Coffee Scrub; Don´t forget some of the finest premium coffees in the world come from the deep forests in the Amazon basin. When applied on skin, the stimulating properties of coffee improve blood flow, making your skin appear radiant, bright, and alive. Not only are coffee grounds ideal for making a natural body scrub, but they’re also effective without being harsh.

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What makes the products unique?

What makes us unique is our mission; have partnered with indigenous communities in Amazonia who own a combined 1 million acres to promote true beauty with a concrete cause.

How is that? 

Each product purchase finances the conservation of at least 2,000 sq. ft of virgin forest. Each item contributes to different protection surfaces according to their price tag. This business model has empowered these people for the first time to protect their territory from against the deforestation caused by illegal logging, oil extraction, and illegal mining.

How do they make the skin look beautiful? Ingredients? 

Our ingredients such as acaí, coffee, passion fruit, coconut, and others are natural and were used by people in Amazonia for centuries. They are part of the ancestral knowledge of these communities.

Why did you choose to save the Amazon Rainforest your passion?

I think it´s the opposite. A passion is not a chosen thing. The passion chooses you. In my case I was working in economic development projects in the region and saw that the problem of the Amazonia surpassed any local or regional scheme; it has a global dimension. Realizing that my job could have a global impact attracted me.
What happens to our planet if we all don't take action to save the Rainforest?

We will lose the biggest single source of air and water on the planet which regulates the entire global climate. That would mean natural disasters on a massive scale. Current climate events such as wildfires and hurricanes would be nothing in comparison. In times when even, the existence of the Global Warmth is denied, it becomes more relevant to take action from our side, from the people´s side.

What can my readers do to help save the Rainforest?

They don´t have to be a full-time activist, or travel around the world or donate huge amounts of money to be part of a positive change. In this case, they can be a kind of hero and make an impact with a simple purchase.

Their skincare line would make a great holiday gift, not only you give the gift of beautiful skin, but your purchase helps save the rainforest!

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