Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Maange Makeup Brushes Set

makeup brushes set

Today's review is about the Maange Makeup Brushes. Now, these brushes I have used and washed them and they still look and feel great.

The handle is wooden, and the ferrule is made in a way that it holds more bristles for better makeup application. 

The bristles are made of synthetic material, so it is soft and does not shed. There are 15 brushes in all, 7 brushes for the face and 8 brushes for the eyes. For the face brushes, there is a foundation brush which is structured to look like a paintbrush for flawless application, there is a dome-shaped concealer brush, there are two powder brushes - one is for loose powder, and the other one is for applying caked powder, there is blush brush, there is a contour brush, and there is a fan brush.

For the eye makeup brushes, there are two eyeshadow brushes. There is an eyeliner brush, there is an eyebrow brush. There is a specular brush that I googled and found out there is no such brush in existence since this is the first time of hearing of such a brush myself - in my opinion, I would use this brush to blend eyeshadow. 

There is a lipstick brush, there is a shading brush which looks like an eyeshadow brush, and there is a nasal shadow brush which you can use to apply powder at the tear duct of your eyes.

These brushes are very sturdy and apply makeup effortlessly and with ease. They are very affordable, and you get all you need in a makeup brush set to have a complete makeup application. The makeup brushes go for 13.99 so if you are an up and coming makeup artist or you are just starting out using makeup, these brushes are great for your collection. 


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