Tuesday, December 18, 2018

3 Small Things You Can Do To Feel Better About Yourself Everyday

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When all is said and done, everyone struggles with their self-esteem sometimes. Every now and then, even the most confident and positive among us will wake up and feel like things just aren’t on the right track. Alas, that seems to be the way of the world.

When that self-doubt and negative thinking pops up, however, you don’t, by any means, have to just put up with it. In fact, you’d be doing yourself a major disservice if you didn’t take steps to try and set things right and improve your mood.

We all know that buying a great new outfit can lead to a morale boost, but there are smaller, more everyday steps you can take as well.

Here are a few small things you can do to feel better about yourself every day.

Have a short daily pampering routine, including a daily perfume

When people are feeling emotionally drained, they often let that spill over and influence their general presentation, as well. But even if you’re just working from home as a freelancer, failing to take care of yourself on a daily basis properly will only add fuel to the fire.

Break the cycle, instead, by insisting on a short daily pampering routine. Perhaps, use a deliciously aromatic moisturizer, soak in a hot bath, comb your hair, and apply an everyday-wear perfume before you even set foot out of your front door or walk over to your home office for work. Sure, you may have to wake up a bit earlier to fit the whole routine in, but you can count on the fact that it will make you feel that much better at the onset of each day.

Make a short journal note before heading to bed each night

Journals aren’t really as fashionable as they used to be, although they are making a bit of a comeback recently thanks to the Bullet Journal craze — where many people are using the original minimalistic Bullet Journal template as a basis for creating artsy personal planners and diaries in one.

There’s a good reason why you might want to get on board with that trend. Not least of all the fact that recording a short note about the day in a journal, just before going to bed, can help you to empty your mind, get more restful sleep, express and deal with your emotions, and also organize and record your life for the future.

Not too shabby for a sentence or two.

Do something small, each day, that you find a bit difficult

Low self-esteem and confidence are often connected to a sense that we just don’t have what it takes to overcome the things that we find difficult or frightening in life.

For that reason, a great way of dealing with these negative emotions is to do something each day that you find a bit difficult and uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be something major. And it should obviously be something that matches your values and goals in life. But it needs to be something that gets you out of your comfort zone.



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