Saturday, December 1, 2018

How to Cleanse/Remove Your Makeup in One Minute with RawGanic Hydrating Facial Wipe

Makeup Remover Wipes

makeup remover wipes

Cleanse, nourish, hydrate, and pamper your skin with Rawganic Facial Wipes. Easy to use and suitable for all skin types, Rawganic Facial Wipes are made with organic cotton and infused with Pomegranate Juice Extract. They are 100% organic and Biodegradable.

These makeup remover wipes are actually a 3 in 1 facial Wipe, as they remove makeup (even stubborn waterproof mascara), it helps to tone your skin, and also hydrate for softer and fresh skin sensation.

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I use Rawganic Facial Wipes as the key step to my nighttime skincare regimen. I go in with the wipe, and it does an excellent job of removing my makeup, sometimes I use two wipes, and my face looks and feels clean. Sometimes I use a liquid makeup remover as a second step to remove my makeup to ensure that I have all the makeup off my skin.

Rawganic also has Organic Micellar water that does this job. It is important to say that using just the wipes does a great job because when I use the liquid makeup remover, I don't see any makeup residue, so I know the wipe did its job correctly.

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You can use the wipe as an eye makeup remover because it removes waterproof mascara and the cotton fabric is soft enough to use around the delicate eyes. Being a natural botanical product help a lot.

Rawganic Facial Wipes are made with rich moisturizing agents made from Pomegranate Juice Extract to help clean and nourish the skin. Pomegranate has natural hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe dry skin and ease blemishes. Bursting with fresh Pomegranate juice, Rawganic Facial Wipes locks in hydration and invigorates the skin.

best makeup remover wipes

I love the fact that Rawganic wipes are free from parabens, SLS, Fragrance, and color. It is dermatologist tested and suitable for sensitive skin.

best makeup remover

There are 25 wipes in a packet, so you are getting almost a month worth of wipes depending on how many wipes you use while you clean your makeup.

If you want to try out these wipes, please visit Rawganic website for more details ( It is nice to see that they are very motivated by Green Chemistry, organic products, and the environment.

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