Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 Year Of Fun Fashion

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You’ve found a style you’re comfortable with, but you’re not afraid to up your game when it comes to fashion finds, so what will the next 12 months bring about for clothes fans and what are we likely to see in your wardrobe?

We take a look at some emerging fashion trends for everybody and get a glimpse of some fashion forward ideas hitting the catwalks, shops and ultimately our own homes.

You know how fashion rolls around and back around every few years or so? Well, it might not surprise you then to learn that tie-dye is almost certainly making a comeback.

Happily, we’re not talking about the homespun psychedelic versions but rather more subtle patterns and colours that have already appeared on the catwalks and will soon make their way to the high street.

Wear it as a long, flowing summer dress or casual shirt.

Swimwear is always under the fashion microscope, and there’s a lot going on over the coming year. Not everyone is a big fan of the skimpy bikini, and unless you’ve paid a visit to Dr. Tavakoli you may not feel hugely confident showing off various body parts, which is why the reemergence of the one-piece is a breath of fresh air.

Look out for plenty or neon and throwback 90s styling as swimwear gets seriously stylish.

Meghan marble British fashion

Only wear one for weddings? Think again, as the oversize hat takes center stage. Dress them up or down but make sure you’re ahead of the game with headwear that really stands out.

In a similar vein to tie-dye, the trend of wearing cycling shorts is about to make a strong return.
You might have seen them already on your favourite Instagrammers, but you haven’t missed the boat, as the trend looks set to continue and has been picked up and embraced on the high street.

If you’re still keen on your winter wardrobe slip in a padded or quilted jacket to the mix as this style is still incredibly popular and shows no signs of going away. Comfort was on trend, which was great news for a lot of us.

If you prefer a baggier version, the classic Parka with a twist was also prevalent towards the end of last year and is available in a huge array of colourful options.

If Parkas and puffers aren’t quite your thing, then fake fur has made something of a return in a bid to drive out real fur from the fashion scene completely, and this was reflected in last year’s statement pieces.

Whatever your style, shape or budget the high street looks set to translate some of the formidable catwalk styles into more affordable versions, perfect as one-offs or as part of your capsule wardrobe. Keep updated on what’s coming up with your favorite fashion and beauty bloggers and keep an open mind when it comes to returning fashion trends. Now’s the time to spring clean that wardrobe and let loose your individual style on a waiting world.



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