Monday, April 8, 2019

Sanitize, Clean, And Refresh Your Hair Extensions And Wigs With WIG - SANI By Ahosi Beauty

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AHOSI Beauty has created a new, patented, trademarked, innovative product. Created with safe, and natural ingredients, AHOSI WIG-SANI, a new, revolutionary product is for sanitizing, cleaning, & refreshing wigs, hair extensions, braids, and also helps to relieve scalp itch.

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The Hair Extension & Wig industry is a multi-billion-pound industry, the time is ripe for WIG-SANI to be part of this industry.  Based on the positive responses we have been receiving, we are certain that the WIG-SANI will be a hit! "

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The benefits which users of WIG-SANI will enjoy are various, but here are some:

    •    WIG-SANI helps to sanitize, clean, refresh Wigs & Hair extensions (human & synthetic)
    •    WIG-SANI helps to refresh Wigs & Hair extensions (human & synthetic)
    •    WIG-SANI helps to relieve the discomfort of wearing wigs for up to 24 hours
    •    WIG-SANI helps to relieve scalp itch
    •    WIG-SANI is safe to use on scalp, skin and all types of hair
    •    WIG-SANI will not cause damage to a user’s natural hair
    •    WIG-SANI can be used to detangle wigs & hair extensions
    •    WIG-SANI is a leave-in product hence no need to rinse.
 WIG-SANI kills germs which may be lurking inside the hair extensions/wigs
Steaming wigs and hair extensions is time-consuming, and, can also age or damage wigs and hair extensions. WIG-SANI is a better replacement.
    •    WIG-SANI was created with natural ingredients

For more information and/or to pre-order, visit or follow the brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest @ahosibeauty
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