Saturday, April 27, 2019

This 15 Second Routine from OMONO Will Spice Up Your Skin Right Now

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If you ever walk into my bedroom, one of the things that would instantly command your attention is none other than my fully-crammed (and certainly chaotic) set of cosmetics. The top of the cabinet, which overshadows New York City in density, is bursting with skin care products, creams, serums, and masks aplenty.

It is basically every woman’s nightmare. And don’t get me started on the crazy amount of time it takes to use each and every one of them.

And here's where OMONO comes in handy. This new J-beauty anti-aging skin care routine, which means a ‘royal essential,’ will turn your worst nightmare into an instant skin surprise. The product itself, which comes in the form of a powder drink, is infused with the best possible nutrients and made by some of the most elite skin scientists and beauty experts out there.

And its philosophy? The very fact that genuine beauty should take no more than 15 seconds per day to achieve. That's probably why I love it so much.

The powder drink (which comes with a vanilla scent), easily blends with any drink of your liking. While certainly not the first of its kind in the market, OMONO is unique in the sense that it boasts a full range of natural, ground-breaking ingredients (some of them you’ll only find in the most luxurious cosmetics) in a single formula. It is tested and scientifically-proven to yield reviving and refreshing benefits to keep your skin looking its best. It's super easy to use, non time-consuming, and even Glamour Mag proclaimed it as an “elixir of eternal youth.”

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Having taken OMONO for a month, I must say that my skin and its texture definitely changed for the better – it certainly looks and feels more elastic, shinier, and as if it had been thoroughly cleansed and treated. The complexion I noticed after a month is a far cry from the pale and dull version that used to leave me absolutely gutted first thing in the mirror after a long day. Plus my face feels extra-bouncy to the touch, which I haven’t noticed for quite a long time.

Is this the closest to the so-called “fountain of youth” I will ever get? I’ll let time decide because 1 month is just too early to make conclusions. Will I continue using this as part of my integral skincare routine? You bet. And will I still use my massive chunk of other beauty products that I am complaining about in the first place. Certainly. Because it would simply be too arrogant a statement to make that a single supplement could replace all my vials of creams and serums.

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But what is undeniable is that OMONO certainly does wonders to your complexion naturally and systematically. My personal suggestion? Mix the formula into a glass of organic fruit juice, and drink it an hour or two before bedtime when you’re all relaxed and enjoying your well-deserved zen time. And who knows? Maybe 15 seconds is truly what it takes for really amazing skin.

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