Saturday, June 8, 2019

DermalMD Cellulite Treatment

Many people of all sizes live with cellulite. We accept these unattractive dimples as a normal part of aging or weight gain, but there is no need to do so. Medical research has identified the root causes of cellulite, and also ways that it can be reduced altogether.

People who have cellulite dream of having smooth, firm, and attractive skin in its place. This treatment will control cellulite while also controlling its root cause.

DermalMD's Cellulite Treatment accomplishes smooth skin by addressing the cellular root causes of cellulite.

Cellulite is caused by several different factors. First, skin loses its firmness and thus its ability to smoothly cover the tissue. Second, the skin begins to lose some of its connections to the underlying tissue. Where the remaining connections are present, you can see a dimple. Last, cellulite is exacerbated by fluid buildup in the region.

DermalMD's Cellulite Treatment addresses all of these root causes of cellulite by:

1. Encouraging collagen and elastin in skin cells, to encourage them to lay smoothly over the underlying tissue
2. Controling cellulite and puffiness, which can give cellulite a puffy and unhealthy appearance
3. Encouraging skin to make cross bridges to underlying tissue, helping it to hold firmly in all areas rather than creating dimpling and an unattractive cottage cheese appearance
4. Providing antioxidants and other nutrients that are needed for healthy skin tone and maintenance

Many cellulite treatments contain drying elements, which remove fluid from the area and decrease puffiness while also doing long term damage to the skin. Over time, the cellulite will actually worsen because the skin has been further damaged rather than nourished and restored.

DermalMD's Cellulite Treatment is different from the others because it addresses the underlying causes of cellulite, and unhealthy skin cells that are not firmly toned and do not adhere correctly to the tissues beneath them.

Cellulite is not a result of aging or weight gain, but rather a result of aging skin cells. The best way to treat cellulite once and for all is by restoring a healthy, youthful skin tone.

DermalMD's Cellulite Treatment will control cellulite by treating the underlying causes of skin cells.

Key Ingredients:

Caffeine extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, algae extract, sunflower seed extract, capsicum extract, certified organic aloe vera extract

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