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Royal Living Essential Oil Diffusers - Get 10% Off

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Recently Essential Oil Diffusers have really taken over the market for their benefits on both the body and mind.  Even those that haven’t ever heard of essential oils have taken to the trend once learning how simple the application of diffusing is.  So today we’ll be covering some of those benefits for you and recommending the types of diffusers to look for.

An essential oil diffuser ultrasonically produces a small stream of humidifying mist into the air that can disburse any scent of your liking.  The vibrations of the water along with the low hum of the motor create a minimal white noise in the room, and the mist in the air helps to purify and can kill bacteria with certain types of oils.

By using this method to scent your home, office, or work out area, you are choosing a healthier way to transform your living area.  In the past, we’ve always burnt candles or used room fresheners to achieve a ‘clean smelling’ room, when, ironically, they create just the opposite.

We all know that burning candles or incense releases harmful carcinogens, but all of these old methods also emit damaging chemicals that have been proven to cause lung damage, asthma, tumors, and cancer.

By using essential oils, you remove all of these issues. You’re using a product that doesn’t create heat. You’re using water to restore moisture to the air naturally. You’re using oils that are distilled from real plants in nature.  All of this combined help to aid respiratory function, reduce dry skin, and purify the air with a hypoallergenic source.

In addition to the physical benefits, one of the top reasons people get into diffusing oils for their home is the benefits in your everyday mood.  Scents have the ability to transform your mood based on the reaction between the olfactory nerves and the parts of our brain that control emotion. So you can increase your energy, meditate, decrease anger, de-stress, and even focus on a task at hand all by choosing your scent of the oil.

A favorite application is aiding relaxation to achieve a restful night’s sleep.  The white noise combined with a Lavender, Chamomile, or Cedarwood scent can help you fall asleep easier and sleep more soundly. 

So, the question then is, what is the right diffuser to use? Over the last year, many options have come to market, but you have to be careful that you are purchasing a quality diffuser, so you receive all of these benefits.

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    •    Choose a diffuser that offers setting options. Diffusers can offer different light emitting options and timer setting for how long you want to diffuse.  After all, if you are using it to fall asleep, you don’t want a bright light shining in your room.

    •    Make sure it is ultrasonic. The heat will disturb the properties of essential oils, and you won’t get the right benefits or scent emitted.

    •    Pick your size. Depending on the size of your room, you’ll want to get a diffuser large enough to scent the space fully. Don’t get one smaller than 100mL. Larger options have an added bonus of using them a few times before you need to refill.

    •    Check that it is reputable. Some essential oils are acidic and can eat away at regular plastic. You’ll want to make sure your diffuser is made with quality, medical grade ABS or PP, so it stands the test of time.

Overall our pick for the best diffusers is the line from Royal Living

They offer designer looks with all of the needs mentioned above.  Plus, the company offers a free PDF guide with essential oil tips of which oils to choose for your need or emotion, as well as recommendations for blending oils to make your own unique scents.

They’ve been creating diffusers for 5 years and offer great diffusers at reasonable prices. We also like that they are all available on Amazon and we were able to get our readers an extra 10% OFF! 
Pick any of their diffusers that best suit the beauty of your home and use code UDIFFUSE at checkout.

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