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Panier des Sens Orange Blossom Collection

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Panier Des Sens is a brand founded in the South of France in a town called Provence.

Natural resources and Mediterranean know-how inspire Panier Des Sens.

Their lines of body care, toiletries, and perfumes magnify the beauty of Provence through elegant products, subtle lectures of evocative and delicate scents.

Panier Des Sens dedicates to using the best active ingredients as their formula is rich in natural raw materials, and essential oils.

Their formulation is free from paraben, phenoxyethanol, silicone, and aluminum.

I received three products from their Orange Blossom Collection.

. Eau de Toilette
. Liquid Marseille Soap
. Hand Cream

Eau de Toilette: This body spray from the very first whiff has a warm and floral scent. In my opinion, I will wear this perfume in the Fall/Winter seasons.

The base note in this perfume is Orange Blossom as the Collection name suggests. I tried to find what other wear notes are in this perfume, but I could not find any on their website.

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The other notes I was able to decipher was vanilla. The Vanilla scent gives this perfume; it's warmth scent while the Orange Blossom gives it the floral scent.

This collection is made in an interesting way called an "Absolute."

"Absolute" is the process by which they extract oils from a flower or a plant. In this process, the oils collected are very concentrated and natural. They use a solvent method in the "Absolute" process. Absolute is a process where the essential oil smells very close to the flower it is extracted from; This process contains less alcohol.

So if you use the Absolute method to make a perfume, you are getting highly concentrated, and natural scents.

This perfume from Panier Des Sens is beautiful, light, sweet, and not at all overpowering and stays on the skin for a long time.

Liquid Marseille Soap: Initially I thought this was hand soap, but come to find out it's actually a body wash. But, It can also double as a hand soap.

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The texture is very light and almost water-like. It lathers up quickly and cleanses very thoroughly.

It is rich in vegetable oils, glycerin for moisturization, coconut oil for antioxidants.

Hand Cream: The hand cream is thick enough to moisturize the skin. It is silky and helps to nourish and protect the skin. It contains olive oil and glycerin to hydrate and leaves your hands soft and supple.

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It also contains sweet almond oil to help retain moisture in the skin and protect your skin from the sun rays. Your hand will be smooth and soft.

The notes that I get from the hand cream is Verbena. Is smells sweet and floral

If you are looking to pamper your self with lovely natural scents - I'd recommend you browse through their wide range of collections.

They have scents such as Relaxing Lavender, Soothing Almond, Rose Geranium, and Cotton Flower.

Indulge your senses!


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