Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Do You Want Pearl White Blonde Hair Without the Damage? New to the Market-Brilliant Blondexx

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So many women want that “model “pearl white healthy blonde hair. However, many end up going to the salon or doing it at home only to end up with damaged, dried hair.

I was so pleased to have discovered a new product on the market that has changed the way you can go white blonde and most crucial protect your natural hair. Brilliant Blondexx has rave reviews across the country and internationally.

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I had to share this great find with my readers.

Brilliant Blondexx is manufactured by the established Ugly Duckling Hair Color company, which was founded by Ishan Dutta.  

Dutta shared that Brilliant Blondexx is a one-of-a kind lightener which will protect your hair during the bleaching process. “This is the first time ever that any product has bond protection inside a bleach formulation.”

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Brilliant Blondexx contains Malic Acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid, which creates bonds with the actual hair fiber during the bleaching process. These bonds stay in the hair and reduce the chance of hair breakage during bleaching. 

The bleach does not compromise on development time, lifting or neutralization in any way. It lifts safely and effectively up to 7 levels. It takes hair all the way up to that supermodel, Hollywood style with pure white, pearl blonde. 

You will have perfectly white, but healthy strong hair.

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A hair stylist influencer and blonding specialist Elona Taki, of the Taki Salon & Spa shared,
“Brilliant Blondexx spreads like butter & lifts evenly. I love that it’s less irritating on the scalp, at the same time it’s strong enough to lift up to 7 levels. It’s comforting to know that it has a bonding agent, and I don’t have to add it in.”  

If you are wanting to change your look for the fall or get ready for the upcoming holiday season, then go blonde the right way with Brilliant Blondexx, so your hair stays healthy and gorgeous.


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