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Your Beauty Pantry is a beauty and product review blog. It is our aim to bring fresh, engaging and unique content to our readers. Our blog focuses on everyday beauty and skincare trends. We built this blog as a platform to bring women together to start engaging conversations. Your Beauty Pantry founder Yvonne lives in New York City. She is very passionate about blogging, and when she isn't blogging, she is reading a good book or out enjoying nature with family or friends.

* I started Your Beauty Pantry Blog because of my love for skincare, makeup, and the products that go onto our skin to achieve our flawless look. My aim is to share the knowledge I have acquired over the years and help others with what I have learned when it comes to skincare and beauty.

* Most of the products reviewed on the blog are purchased by me with my money unless otherwise stated. I, however, accept products such as skin care products, cosmetic products from brands and companies for sponsored reviews. I am however very particular about the products I review. I use all products that are sent to me to see its effectiveness so that I can give my honest and unbiased review about the product.

* If you are a beauty or cosmetic company or brand and will want me to review your products, please contact me @ amia2784@gmail.com

* Some of the links on the blog have affiliate links, this means that if you click or buy a product through the affiliate link, I make a small commission.

*YLI is short for (Yvonne loves it). These are reviews or posts of products that I love. These reviews might not be beauty related. 

* Your Beauty Pantry does not guarantee that any products reviewed or recommended on the blog will work for your kind of body chemistry. I do my best to research and provide accurate information about all products I review on the blog.

* Your Beauty Pantry is opened to giveaways and sponsored post.

*CONTACT: amia2784@gmail.com

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